Notes and comments in a PDF file

PDF is still a very popular way of storing documents. It is easy to share and it can contain classic text or images and offers users various ways to work with documents, such as encrypting documents or using digital signature. The functionality and the use of this type of file are truly versatile, therefore, it is used by many companies as a standard file.

It often happens that PDF documents are very long, so the reader needs to make notes, write comments or share their opinions with others. XPLAYNR, online tool for making comments, comments, or opinions directly in a PDF document, is a great option exactly for these purposes.

Clear, intuitive and free

You do not need to read long manuals to know how to use XPLAYNR. The application is simple and clear and using all of its features is very intuitive. You can try the application right away without registering. You can just easily insert a file and create your notes immediately. When you want to use all features and share your created comments you need to register. XPLAYNR is currently free for all users. After signing in, you'll get immediate access to your account and files with created notes you saved. The biggest advantage is that you can access your account and get to your documents literally from any computer or any place in the world.

After a first few minutes of using XPLAYNR, you will find out how easy the application works. Upload the document you want to work with and add the note just with one click to a specific location in the file, where you want to write the note. The size of one note is limited to 200 characters, which is sufficient also for more complex text notes. Notes can be organized very quickly. You can move them according to your criteria and change their numbering. You can also mark the note as a task and share it with others.

The amount of notes and comments is not limited, so it is up to you how many of them you create in the document. If you belong to a group of people, who are writing a lot of notes, this application is made exactly for you. All your notes are clearly displayed on the right site in a simple and well arranged list.


Do not keep the notes just for yourself

You can share your notes, comments and opinions created in a PDF document with unlimited number of people. It is simple, click on the share button and you can send a link to the document and your notes. It is a convenient and good solution to comment on created texts, graphic designs, drawings or sketches. If you need to get feedback on any of the comments you have created, you can allow users to reply on a specific note. The document with comments is shared in digital form with persons you specify, i.e. with an unlimited number of people, colleagues, clients, vendors, or anyone you want.

Work with a multi-page PDF document

The application also allows users to upload a multi-page PDF document. It is up to you, if you upload a one-page or multi-page file. If you need to work with a multi-page document and some of the pages are not interesting or important, you do not need them or you do not want them to be seen by other users, you can simply hide them. Except text notes you can also add a simple shapes, which will help you to highlight and draw attention to the important parts of the document.


Beauty in simplicity

XPLAYNR is an application for adding comments and notes to different types of documents. The application contains only features necessary to make comments. XPLAYNR focuses on simplicity and functionality. It includes only those functions that are needed to make the most of your notes and comments in the document.


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